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if you're a college, masters in finance, or MBA student trying to break into wall street...

Want to Maximize Your Chances of Landing a Job Offer From a Top Tier Investment Bank or Private Equity Firm?

Here's the biggest competitive advantage you can get in your recruiting process:

If You Need to Review Student & Parent Testimonials or Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Look Below... 

Daniel’s a non-target student & the only one (out of 200+) to get an offer from an elite industry-focused bank…
Michael was a confident sophomore who was initially worried that Wall Street Mastermind was a scam…
Jenn went from 0 to 2 sophomore summer offers & a junior summer offer from PJT Partners in just 3.5 months…
Joe thought it was impossible, but became the first person to break into banking from his non-target school in the last 2 years…
David was a target-school student who had his sights set on going directly to the buyside… and got a growth equity offer
Luke is a non-target student who had no exposure to finance prior to joining us at WSMM… and ended up at Evercore
"I had to say that the program helped... I didn't think it would to be honest... but it really really did."
  "Sam and his team have been very good mentors... helped him (son) land an offer we are very proud of."
"Within 1.5 months, my son got his first offer... I truly believe my son wouldn't be here today without the WSMM program."
"The value of the investment we made, this coaching program... paid itself within the first 30 days of the program."
"The top people have coaches... CEOs have coaches... In sports, the best hitters have coaches."
"Sam helped him a lot in finding opportunities, networking, preparing for interviews and answering questions..."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between the offerings of Mergers & Inquisitions and Wall Street Mastermind?

    Mergers & Inquisitions ("M&I") primarily publishes useful articles on all topics related to the investment banking and buyside recruiting processes. It is the most highly trafficked blog site for people who are interested in working on Wall Street. Its sister company, Breaking Into Wall Street (“BIWS”), primarily offers interview study guides that serve as a great resource for anyone who prefers to DIY and self study throughout the interview process. Beyond interview prep, BIWS also offers financial modeling courses for those who want to prepare for skills that will be needed on the job. 

    Wall Street Mastermind (“WSMM”) offers highly personalized, hands-on coaching for candidates who want expert guidance throughout their recruiting journey. You will work with a team of coaches including both former and current investment bankers and buyside investors, as well as coaches who used to be the global heads of recruiting at bulge bracket banks such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS, and Lehman Brothers.

  • I saw that Mergers & Inquisitions also has a coaching service, how is that different from Wall Street Mastermind?

    This is a great question, and there are two primary differences:

    First, the M&I coaching service is primarily targeted towards experienced hire candidates who already have solid work experience. The service mostly focuses on editing resumes / cover letters / Linkedin profiles, as well as helping you with your personal pitch and providing high level networking strategies. The service lasts for 60 days, and does not include any interview preparation. You get email support during the first 30 days, and packages range from $497 to $1,997.

    As for Wall Street Mastermind, its coaching service primarily helps students who are still working towards their undergraduate or masters degrees. These students are usually recruiting for summer analyst or summer associate positions through the campus recruiting pipeline, with some also preparing for full-time analyst or associate recruiting. WSMM aims to help with everything related to the recruiting process in a comprehensive end-to-end manner, from finding relevant experiences to build up your resume, to helping you set up your entire networking workflow and process, to crafting and editing your behavioral interview answers, to teaching you the technical concepts needed to pass your technical interviews. There are multiple weekly calls and Q&A sessions, and you can also message your team of coaches with questions on Slack daily. WSMM will work with you over a longer period of time, from the time you start your preparation process, until you’re done with the summer internship and full-time recruiting processes.

  • Does Wall Street Mastermind offer any guarantees?

    Yes, for candidates with reasonable qualifications, we do offer an option with a money back guarantee. If you choose the money back guarantee, you will be entitled to a full refund if you do the work and still do not get an offer.
  • How much is the Wall Street Mastermind service?

    Wall Street Mastermind's pricing varies depending on what you need help with and how much help you need. The program does not take a one-size-fits-all approach because every candidate has a different profile with different needs.

    With that said, most packages will cost more than the highest coaching package offered by Mergers & Inquisitions (which is $1,997), as the scope of what WSMM is helping with is much broader, and the help is typically provided over a much longer period of time. 

    Once you've booked a call to speak with the WSMM team, they will be able to provide you with an exact quote based on your specific situation and your needs. You can then go back and think about it, you do not have to decide on the call.

  • What makes Wall Street Mastermind different from all the other coaching programs out there?

    First and foremost, it’s our best-in-class coaching team, which includes multiple coaches who used to be the Global Heads of Recruiting at top investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS, and Lehman Brothers. You will have the ability to ask them questions on a weekly basis.

    Secondly, we have the most experience. As the first company in the United States to pioneer this highly personalized, hands-on coaching model for investment banking recruiting back in 2018, we have the longest track record of any coaching program in the space. This means we’ve helped the most students (4 digits and counting), and we have the largest network of successful alumni spanning across every bulge bracket and elite boutique bank on Wall Street, as well as most of the top middle market banks and buyside firms.

    Last but not least, our students love us. We have hundreds of testimonials and 5 star reviews (check out our Trustpilot page) from our students and their parents. And this doesn't even include all of our students who prefer to remain anonymous for privacy reasons!

  • How long does the Wall Street Mastermind program last?

    The exact length of the program will vary depending on where the candidate is at in their recruiting timeline, but usually lasts anywhere from several months to a couple of years. You will also have access to the community and alumni network even after you're done with recruiting.

  • Does Wall Street Mastermind offer financial aid?

    We understand that WSMM's price point may not be in reach for everyone who wishes to work with us. However, for someone who is determined to invest in their career, we never want financial constraints to be the only reason why someone can't work with us.

    As such, for candidates who are a good fit for the program AND can legitimately demonstrate a need for financial assistance, we do have a limited number of spots with a lowered upfront investment. 
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