Are You Trying to Break Into Investment Banking?
If So, We'll Help You Secure an Offer... OR YOUR MONEY BACK
This is the CRAZIEST offer we've ever made
and here's why we're making it...
Over the last several years, we've worked with 450+ students and seen EXTRAORDINARY results:

We’ve Consistently Maintained a ~90% Success Rate, Even Through COVID

Close to 90% of Our Successful Students End Up at a Top 50 Bank or on the Buyside

This is Despite the Fact That Less Than Half of These Students Go to Target Schools

And a Significant Portion of Our Successful Students Do Not Have a “Competitive” GPA

Here's Why That's EXTRAORDINARY. Put Our Results in Context of the publicly available information Released by the Top investment banks themselves Over the Last 3 Years...
Bulge Bracket Bank Acceptance Rates in recent years

Source: Goldman Sachs Investor Presentation

Source: eFinancial Careers

Middle Market Bank Acceptance Rates in recent years EX:

Source: Business Insiders

Not to mention...
MOST of the students who make up these ridiculously low percentages typically: 
  • Come from either Ivy League schools or top undergraduate business programs ("target schools")
  • Have near perfect GPA's
  • ​Have super stacked resumes full of relevant finance internships and extracurriculars
We don't require our students to have any of these things, and many don't... although if you do have these things, of course it'll be even easier to get offers... likely from better banks too!

Knowing what we now know about the results our students are able to get, and knowing how many people are still out there who could use our help, we put together the best offer we've ever made.
Don't Believe Us, Believe the Students We've Helped


"In the middle of my sophomore year, about one year before I actually did join the program, I reached out to WSMM and I talked with Sam and I made the decision not to invest in the program. And while I'm very happy and fulfilled with the outcome I got with Sam's help starting late, it's a really great offer that I got and I'm very excited about it, if there's one regret I had, it's not starting earlier because I just incurred so much stress and opportunity cost and just so much unnecessary hassle that I wouldn't need to... So, if there's one thing I regret about WSMM, it'd be not starting earlier."


"I actually started sophomore summer recruiting pretty late... But I've actually secured myself two internships, one during the summer and one during the fall... And I do think the majority of that is thanks to Sam's behavioral program... If you're on the fence and you're kind of like me, who knew he wanted to do banking but wasn't sure how much value this program would really provide... I do think you should give this program a chance. For me personally, it was very worth it and actually much more worth it. Much, much more worth it than I originally thought."


"One of the things I struggled most with before working with WSMM was definitely the technical portion of the interviews. I had gotten my hands on a few of the most popular guides available on the internet... And to be honest, found their coverage and content on the technical questions to be intimidating and to a degree overly complicated... WSMM's content is just far clearer, more succinct and more efficient... And that contrasted with the lengthy and dense PDFs of a lot of the most popular guides was really huge and super conducive to my own learning ."


"Since trying WSMM, I've completely turned all my problems around. I'm successfully landing interviews. I received two offers for my summer 2020 IB internship and I'm really happy that I've gotten to make so much progress even within three months of being in this program. It's been a total lifesaver for me and I feel more ready than ever to master summer 2021 IB recruiting. I already have four interviews lined up and I know that none of this would ever have been possible if I hadn't joined WSMM. So I'm really thankful to Sam for creating such a helpful program and helping me get on the path to finally reaching my dreams."


"I would say one of my biggest struggles was networking. I had no idea when I got on a call what to say to someone or what to ask... But once I joined Wall Street Mastermind, I learned how to get on a call with someone and ask the proper questions. You can't find the stuff that you get taught in this program in a book or a guide. It's something that someone needs to tell you and talk to you about. And since then, I've gotten on, I think I've talked to almost a hundred bankers in the past, like two months, and I've reached out to a bunch of people, and I've gotten at least 20 people to promise to refer me for an interview."


"We're a pretty tight knit group and the 'Wolf Pack' is what we call it... If you're interviewing for a firm and you're trying to find the best way to prepare, you can reach out to the Wolf Pack and somebody that's already done that interview could tell you exactly what you should expect... I can't thank Sam and WSMM enough for what they've done for me. They've helped me in ways that I can't even imagine. It's been bar none the best investment that I've made in myself... Go with Sam. Go with WSMM. He's going to help you in ways that you can't imagine it's going to change your life."
We GUARANTEE Our program will get you a job in investment banking
Or we'll refund every last cent of your investment.

Oh... and we GUARANTEE we'll help you for as long as you need, answer as many questions as you want, and in general just provide unlimited guidance and coaching until you get the job. 

Because if you don't get the job, we don't make any money.

All you have to do... is be willing to following a system that's been proven by 450+ students around the world. It's as simple as that.
You get your investment back and get some free professional development that will benefit you for the rest of your career.
You get an offer from an elite boutique or bulge bracket bank, make at least 3-4x what your friends are making right out of school, and enjoy amazing exit opportunities for the rest of your life. You never have to worry about your career again.
To Get Started You Should First Check Out exactly our process works...
If you're already a rockstar candidate (top school, top grades, great resume)...
We'll elevate your game even more so that you're not JUST breaking into investment banking, but you're getting MULTIPLE offers from the BEST banks out there so that you can CHOOSE... 
And if you're NOT a rockstar candidate yet, that's totally OK too!
A lot of our students were in your shoes when they first started with us, and it's our job to help you get there. You just have to bring a great work ethic AND follow our proven strategies.
Either way, We Promise You'll Go A Lot Further With Us Than Doing It Alone... and your odds of failure are reduced to almost zero. Let Us Show You How:
P.S. We helped a non-target student who had a 3.0 GPA break into investment banking even though he didn't start working with us until 2 months AFTER he graduated. He now works at Houlihan Lokey M&A. We also helped another student become the first student ever to break into Evercore in the history of his non-target school. We've even helped a student who grew up homeless at one point end up at UBS... true rags to riches. Don't believe us? We have student testimonials from all of these people that we can share with you. If you're curious, just ask us. 

SO THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: If you're wondering if this will work for you... It will.
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